Mariners Elementary School Foundation
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Board Members

  • Dan and Keri Bartlett
  • Christopher and Rani Braun
  • Shane and Tiffany Brosnan
  • Sean and Lisa Casey
  • Raf and Aleece De Vengoechea
  • Jon and Nicole Dishon
  • Mark and Karen Ditteaux
  • Bill and Melissa Meehan
  • Scott and Mercedes Meserve
  • Billy and Jennifer Messenger
  • Grant and Lacey Miller
  • Darrin and Courtney Norton
  • Craig and Heidi Perrault
  • Jason and Noelle Perrin
  • Jair and Alice Rochverger
  • Jeff and Erica Roberts
  • Mark and Tami Santoni
  • Steve and Heather Scheck
  • Eric and Danielle Slutzky
  • Nick and Simona Verdugo
  • John and Amy Von Der Ahe
  • Rick and Shelley White
  • Derek and Melissa Winberry
  • Tony Zeddies and Dacy Yee
  • Brad and Angie Zamora