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Community Contributions

Ralphs Community Contribution Program

This program is the easiest way to help Mariners School. Simply register your Ralphs card with the program and Ralphs contributes a percentage of your purchases back to the foundation. The program is important to Mariners and historically has accounted for over 5% of our annual funds. So please spread the message and register your extended family, friends, co-workers and even people out-of-state that shop Krogers. Learn more.

To Participate:

Step 1: Click Here and complete Ralphs online registration form (Mariners NPO Number is 80137)

Step 2: Shop at Ralphs

IMPORTANT: To ensure your purchases go to help Mariners, Ralphs requires you to a) create an account online and b) re-register every school year (Sept-June). So if you are not sure if you registered for this year, go ahead and re-register your card today – it takes less than three minutes. Registration instructions.