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Community Contributions

Ralphs Community Contribution Program

This program is the easiest way to help Mariners School. Simply register your Ralphs card with the program and Ralphs contributes a percentage of your purchases back to the foundation. The program is important to Mariners and historically has accounted for over 5% of our annual funds. So please spread the message and register your extended family, friends, co-workers and even people out-of-state that shop Krogers. Learn more.

To Participate:

Step 1: Click Here and complete Ralphs online registration form (Mariners NPO Number is 80137)

Step 2: Shop at Ralphs

IMPORTANT: To ensure your purchases go to help Mariners, Ralphs requires you to a) create an account online and b) re-register every school year (Sept-June). So if you are not sure if you registered for this year, go ahead and re-register your card today – it takes less than three minutes. Registration instructions.

**  SUPER EASY!  If you already have a Ralphs rewards account, print out this Ralphs scanbar letter and take it to Ralphs on your next shopping trip.  During checkout, hand this to the register clerk and they can scan it and you’re done!

If you would like to check if you are currently registered with the Mariners Contribution Program, you may click here. 

Mariners Gift Card Program

Gift CardsThe Mariners Elementary School Foundation has implemented a Scrip Fundraising Program. Scrip Programs allow non-profit organizations, such as MESF, to purchase scrip Gift Cards at a discount, then resell them at full face value. The bulk of the discount (from 2% to 25%) is retained as revenue. This allows our families to produce revenue by making purchases they would be making anyway. Groceries, clothing, meals, toys, gifts even gasoline can be purchased with scrip.

Download Order Form Here

Order forms will be collected in the office on Tuesday mornings at 9am. And your orders will be delivered that next Monday.

You may also visit the website to order from any participating retailer listed.

Should you have any questions, please contact Susan Marking at 949-278-6488, or Debby Wiesner at 949.400.8725,

Mariners eScrip Program

eScrip Online Mail With Escrip we can gather donations for Mariners Elementary School without spending any additional money.

Retailers reward customer loyalty by contributing a % of your purchases to our school at no additional cost.

Register your Cards with Escrip (renew registration each year).

  • Register Von’s shopping card (if none, go to Next)
  • Register Macy’s credit card (if none, go to Next)
  • Register your MasterCard, Visa, or American Express for local business purchases (including Bristol Farms, Claim Jumper, Garduno’s and Mi Casa).
  • AND Register with on-line merchants (1,000+ merchants including Nordstrom, Amazon, etc.). Shop through Escrip’s online mall or PC users can download (AutoEarn) on their desktop to gather your contributions.

Click here to confirm your registration and participation in eScrip.